Beautiful 5 Marla House Design For Your Home

Beautiful 5 Marla House Design For Your Home

Are you looking to build a house from scratch or renovate your out-of-fashion home? If so, we understand. Everyone wants a beautiful looking home. However, with changing times, house designs have changed too. Gone are the days when people would design their homes like Havelis with a sehn in the middle of the house.

Nowadays, people want a modern touch to their house with a beautiful terrace and a maintained garden. The architecture has completely changed in this century. So, if you are confused about ways to decorate your 5 marla house, we will walk you through some of the best 5 Marla house designs available in the market.

If designing is something you are confused about, then keep reading below!

Things to consider:

Your lifestyle influences the design of your home. When designing, it is crucial that you keep your routine and your family setting in mind. In Pakistan, It is common practice for families to live together, known as a joint family system. However, a large population also lives in a nuclear family setting. So, for a 5 marla house design in Pakistan, this is the way to go:


First and foremost, depending on your family system, you will go for either separate portions with no connections (i.e separate stairs for the upper portion that directly leads outside the house) or no separation for a nuclear setting. The most flexibility is for those with a nuclear family system. You can choose to place any room, anywhere you wish. Also, ask yourself, are you a minimalist who likes things clean and simple? Or are you someone who wants to experiment? The answer to this question will affect your design.

For joint system:

  • We would advise you to place the garage where everyone can walk straight towards it.
  • If you want complete privacy, build stairs for the upper portion that lead right outside towards the garden/main gate.

Designing a house is not as easy as designing clothes. You can do it a maximum of two times in your life since it costs you a lot. When you start to design your 5 marla home, do not rush! Take your time and sit down with your family. Ask your family about their preferences and think about your preferences. Things as little as warm tone paint and cool tone paint can greatly affect the final outcome of your house. Decide on which room will be what and then accordingly, how you will decorate it and how you can give it a modern look. Beautiful interior design is key to a beautiful home. Things like the contrast of your curtains and couches will affect the overall outcome of your design.

Front side:

A 5 marla house front design might seem like an easy job because it isn’t as much work as a 20 marla house but, it’s equally important. The way your home looks from the outside is the first thing that will catch everyone’s attention. As much as you focus on the details inside the house, details on the exterior side are also important.

Nowadays, people are experimenting with loosely shaped bricks on the front wall of their homes, and it gives off such a rich and classy look to the exterior. If you’re not a brick type of person, you can also experiment with wood. You can get Mughal inspired, or Arabic inspired patterns carved on to the wood and use it on the exterior walls of your house! This is such an easy way to look like you know what you are doing. Other than woods and bricks, lighting matters a lot.

Be smart with the lighting! A well-lit house always looks attractive. Use beautifully designed porch lights to amp up your house’s design. With these instructions, your house will look unique and classy.


Planning designs for your house is one thing. Making sure that the design and structure of your house favor the number of belongings you have is also important. What will you do with a beautifully constructed house which doesn’t have enough space for your belongings?  To make sure you don’t face this problem, get your 5 marla house design 3D to see how the final look will be and if you need to make any adjustments. It is always smart to keep an extra room where you can store all your belongings that are of no use.

These three things are crucial for a 5 marla house design but before you go ahead with the designing, make sure you check your finances. You can either get a professional to do the work for you and give you a rough figure, or you can do the hard work yourself. You must stay under your budget.

There is no harm in working at a slow pace! If you have a tight budget, start by decorating a single floor and after some time, decorate the other floor. However, if budget is not a problem for you, then you should also think about decorating your garden and making a patio as well.

Decorating your garden:

A 5 marla house design will naturally have a small garden. So, if you plan smartly, you can make it look luxurious and unique. Try experimenting with flower beds, palm trees, and trim your grass regularly. You can also place a swing on your lawn to make it look wonderful, and it will also act as a place to sit. If you are in the mood, you can also add a three-seater table on your lawn for evening tea, that will look exquisite!


A 5 marla house design has countless design options. It all depends on your budget and creativity. The ideas are flexible if you are willing to keep an open mind! Experiment with art pieces, try going out of your comfort zone, but whatever you do make sure you pre-plan according to your budget and get a 3D model made of the expected finished look of your house.

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