House Designs in Pakistan

House Designs in Pakistan

When it comes to architecture, continuous innovation in designs, material quality, and even interior building keeps coming into the market and with the recent boost in construction schemes going throughout Pakistan, architects have developed unique ways and designs. However, the challenge still remains the same: how to convert a client’s dream into reality.

It is no surprise that everyone has their own taste when it comes to building their dream house. Some people might prefer the classic design element while others will go for the latest and modern designs. If you are someone in search of different house designs in Pakistan, this article will help you explore all the design options available and in trend.

Latest House Designs in Pakistan

With new societies being constructed throughout the country, the latest house designs are on the rise. Each design is according to the house owner’s taste, however, there are categories we can divide it into to help you figure out your taste.

1. Modern Architecture

When it comes down to architectural styles, modern architecture is one of the most favorite types and is commonly seen throughout the country. The main difference between this style is the color scheme. Mostly earthiest colors such as tortoise, rust, brown, and other similar color are used to give an elegant look to your house.

While the color scheme gives the walls and exterior of the house a decent look, the design also incorporates wood-like elements and accent pieces in mostly black, brown, or white color. This gives a well-furnished interior layout. Furthermore, the style is also unique for the type of material and glass used. Mostly steel, glass, concrete, and porcelain are used for structures inside the house.

2. Classic Architecture 

Like it or not, but classic architecture is back into the trend and it is here to stay. The emphasis on ornamentation and other distinctive features used for decoration all around your property as well as garden area is eye-catchy and increasing in popularity. Exactly why this architectural style is making a comeback throughout Pakistan.

Victorian architecture, Neoclassic architecture, and Gothic architecture are all styles that date back to the 19th or even 18th century, which are being revived under the classic architecture. Although each has its own distinctive characteristic, the most common ones can be easily pointed out. They mostly have large stained glass windows, pointed arches, and steeply pitched roofs, ornate decorations, and round towers to catch attention.

When it comes down to color scheme, sober yet flashier colors are used. Mostly white, creamy colors are used while the furniture falls into Gothic style. Moreover, another important aspect is the use of courtyards which is popular in Lahore.

Tip: If you plan on going for this house front design in Pakistan, make sure to hire a well-reputed construction company as the style is unique and required a high amount of skill.

House Front Designs in Pakistan 

With the increasing need for houses to be more spacious and easily accessible, new house front designs in Pakistan are to be seen.

The house structure is seen to have an open garage accompanied by the main gate right beside the garage. In most designs, the front design consists of large size windows for sunlight penetration throughout the house to keep it warm and sunny in winters. 

To help with the aesthetics, small gardens with exquisite flowers are set to give a graceful impression to viewers. Moreover, the houses are designed in such a way to open their balcony in the front so that residents can enjoy an evening in the nice weather. The woodwork in the front is mostly highlighted by yellow lights placed all over the house front which adds to the elegance.

House Designs in Pakistan for 5 Marla

Having limited space doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot of design options. In this section, we will help you out with house plans in order to give you an idea of what your dream house should look like. House Designs in PakistanA good design should not only keep easy accessibility into consideration but also understand the importance of space limitation as well as other essentials needed. This house design in Pakistan for 5 Marla consist of a parking garage, two-bedrooms, a TV lounge, and even a drawing-room.

In most cases, more bedrooms can lead to less space for each section which can make the house look crowded and small. We recommend giving the TV lounge and drawing room ample space for a much better interior look which can be relaxing to watch. This picture is great to give you an idea about the House designs in Pakistan for 5 Marla. Little changes according to your needs can help you get the best of the space you have.

House Designs in Pakistan for 10 Marla

Here are another one of the most common yet brilliant house designs in Pakistan for 10 Marla. Not only does it divides the space equally to give a spacious look, but it also provides ease of accessibility to everyone living in a house to the TV lounge, kitchen, and drawing-room.

The drawing room is to the outer side of the house so that guest doesn’t need to glance in your house if you don’t want them too! Moreover, the drawing-room windows open to the lawn which gives a good view to look at. The kitchen is near the lounge to facilitate easy dining. Moreover, the bedrooms have attached bathrooms for more convenience. You can’t look for more in house designs in Pakistan for 10 Marla that this design offers. A little changes as per your liking and it can be the perfect design for your future house.


With numerous designs available, people building a house can be overwhelmed and confused about what to go for. However, we highly recommend designing your house according to your need and preference. Whether you like modern architecture or a classic one, it is always a smart choice to plan your house with the future in mind. Always look for ways to make your house look much more spacious, aesthetic, convenient, and accessible. 

Remember, you built ones, so built it right!

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