How To Find Property Lines

How To Find Property Lines Online?

Want to cut down a tree or don’t know where the neighbor’s land begins and ends? Confused about finding the property lines?

You can sometimes find it on Google maps and can give you information about your property lines. You need to make sure you find it correct and exact, in this article you are going to learn and find out different ways to find your property lines.

What is a Property Line?

A property line is a legal entity of who owns which lands of their homes, it divides the pieces of land through markers, fences, or roads. Use your boundary lines to judge and where to place items legally, failing to identify your property line might lead you to lawsuits.

How to Find Property Lines Online?

Yes, you can find property lines online from your home through google maps. Use the maps to find the boundary lines for the real estate available in your area. Use a tape measure and measure the distance from landmarks points to property lines.

Know Your Rights about the Property Line?

It is important to realize and know your rights about the property lines.

  • If branches fall on your property, other than any natural disaster it is your neighbor’s responsibility to clear away and pay for the damage.
  • If leaves pods, acorns fall it is the property owner responsibility to clear away
  • Compare the deeds and property lines.

Understanding Property Deed?

A property deed is a legal and signed document where a seller transfers the ownership of the property to a buyer (new owner).

Read and Cross- check the Deed

In a property description which contains description and measurements of the boundaries. Deeds can also be found online; it depends where you live and based. It gives you insights about the previous property being bought or sold about each portion or yard.

Measure the boundaries and landmarks given in the property deed. Mark each and every corner all around the property and measure from each one to the next and match it with the deed dimensions which are mentioned.

Visit Country’s Recorder or Assessor’s Office

Request for the maps near the area or neighborhood you live in from the country’s recorder or assessor’s office which clearly shows dimensions of the property lines either by a small fee.

With precise size and measurements, you would be able to get dimensions and understand the deeds as well as property lines.

Boundary Stacking Property Lines

Are you dealing with boundary disputes with your neighbours?

Use a long measure reel tape to measure from the reference point to the edge of your property lines.

Hammer down the stakes in the corner, you can even use a chalk line to draw a chalk line in the ground from one stake to another.

How Do I see or Check Property Lines On Google Maps?

Google maps will display if you type your correct address on the search bar and then zoom in to the property close enough to take a look at property lines.

But if your location or your area is not displaying in Google maps, you then need to find it on the local county’s website. State or provincial, city governments may give you the information.

Are there any apps that provide Property Lines?

Yes, there are few apps that can navigate and provide some information regarding property lines. But not everything is accurate until and until you get a professional surveyor we would look more in detail regarding in the upcoming article.

  1. Property Survey GPS
  2. LandGlide App
  3. Land Grid Map

How to Find Property Lines Online Through GPS?

  • Purchase and upload the GPS Mapping Software to your GPS device you can use a free trial for a limited time, it might cost $400 – $500 to use full software.
  • Get your Plat Map ( It shows you the land divided into tracts of land ) from the legal clerk’s office
  • Set your GPS mapping to a reference point in the survey document to get an accurate reading
  • Enter the coordinates to the property’s mapping points
  • Go to the first point logged into the mapping program and select “go-to” or a similar option on the device.
  • Reach the property corner Place a boundary marker, if you aren’t able to add all coordinates into one route, load the next point of the boundary through GPS, then select go to and move to the next route
  • Repeat the process until all corners and boundaries are marked

Why do I need to hire a professional surveyor?

If you are still having confusion about the survey or deed.  Then a professional survey is a great choice. Find someone in relatives, a trustworthy real estate agent, it’s good to interview many surveyors before hiring to work full time with you. The surveyor will mark and measure the boundary lines with stakes to find the property lines.

You need to make sure they are licensed in their state. They also need to have liability insurance if the surveyor makes a mistake by marking the property lines and boundaries.

If you are planning to make an addition to a home it is important to be legally bound and follow the rules make sure to let the surveyor guide you about the property lines it might be costly but it is really worth it to avoid any legal disputes among the neighbors.

How long would it take for surveyors to find out property lines?

It depends on the plot size, the larger and more complex the structure is the longer it takes to measure property lines usually 30 to 60 min.

The price of the surveyor cost depends on the size and complexity of the land; on average it costs from $500 to $1000.

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