Top 9 Billionaire Homes You Will Be Amazed To Read About

Top 9 Billionaire Homes You Will Be Amazed To Read About

Our world is filled with rich people, Multimillionaires, and billionaires. Many places can only be owned by people with opulent possessions. Some luxurious homes for people with mad money. These luxurious homes become landmarks to the places they belong to.

What seems like the progression of extremely costly properties is actually kind of a race between billionaires and millionaires to acquire the most expensive property which includes the most lavish accommodations possible to get.

Here is a list of top billionaire homes and properties you would be amazed to know about. We have also tried to portray what’s inside these billionaire homes and to read about them will make you intensely astonished.

Billionaire Homes In the World

9. 17 Upper Phillimore Garden

Top 9 Billionaire Homes You Will Be Amazed To Read About

The 17 upper Phillimore Garden have houses that are modern and ornate. It is located in London. It consists of 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and six living rooms. Other than that the house also features a sauna, an Underground pool, a cinema, and a panic room.

Panic is a room with a separate entrance within the house and all the important things to survive which a person can vacate in case someone breaks into the house. The room also has a separate telephone line to call for help.

8. Hearst Castle

Top 9 Billionaire Homes You Will Be Amazed To Read About

Hearst Castle, named after the former owner William Randolf Hearst, is a luxury Mansion in California, United States. This enormous castle has an area of approximately 90000 square feet. It has 42 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, and 19 living rooms.

The castle also used to have a private zoo for the house members only when the house was under the control of late Randolph Hearst. The house was a beautiful creation of an American architect Julia Morgan. It was built in 1947 after 9 years of continuous construction.

This luxury Castle is now available to buy for 195 million dollars.

7. Ellison Estate

Top 9 Billionaire Homes You Will Be Amazed To Read About

 The Ellison estate is a huge property owned by the co-founder of IT joint Oracle named Larry Ellison. The house is named after him. He owns this Japanese-style 23 acres large property but doesn’t live there often. It was completely constructed in 2004 after nine years of development.

The Ellison estate features a lavish Garden containing unique Maple and oak trees with beautiful man-made ponds. This house is very soothing and relaxing, bound with nature.

An interesting fact is that the whole Ellison estate is built by wood material mostly, without a single nail hammered into it.

6. Fairfield

Top 9 Billionaire Homes You Will Be Amazed To Read About

Fairfield belongs to a controversial former analyst Ira Rennert. He was accused of corruptly building this house by laundering money from his business. It was built in Hampton, New York at an astonishing area of 63000 square feet. It contains about 21 to 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms.

The project is so huge that to fulfill its power needs a separate Power plant is also featured in this property. It is very luxurious, containing a bowling alley, a huge squash court, a tennis court, a mini-golf course, and a 150 seat movie theatre. A fantasy house for every sports freak.

5. Mesa Vista Ranch

Top 9 Billionaire Homes You Will Be Amazed To Read About

Mesa vista ranch is a very famous place in Texas which is currently being sold by its owner Boone Pickens. The price is 1billion dollars. It has a gigantic area of 65000 acres.

It was built in a lengthy period of 49 years. The Mesa Vista Ranch comprises four different main houses full of rooms, other than that it has a separate airpost, a luxurious theatre and a golf course.

The Mesa  Vista Ranch has a huge livestock house for hunting. It is very famous for playing an integral role in saving wildlife by preventing the extinction of Quails.

4. Villa Leopolda

Top 9 Billionaire Homes You Will Be Amazed To Read About

Villa Leopolda is situated in France and has an 18000 square feet land area. It has about 14 bedrooms in the main building 3 ballrooms and a very huge library containing 3000 books it was built in 1902 by Belgian King Leopold II

The Mansion still possesses its Heritage artworks and crafts which increase its historical value. Moreover, the Villa also features a huge garden with a variety of different unique trees and useful plants and 12 different kinds of Pools. The Villa is filled with architectural beauty and it is amazing and wonderful to see Villa as big as the size of 7 rugby fields.

3. Pierre Cardin Bubble Palace

Top 9 Billionaire Homes You Will Be Amazed To Read About

 The bubble Palace is very popular among the people of France; it has an impeccable architectural design which was devised by a Hungarian architect Antti lovag. It took about 14 years to completely build this palace. This palace is located in France near the Mediterranean sea. An interesting fact is that this palace is built on a volcano.

It consists of a massive area of about 1300 square feet and has multiple bedroom pods. It was built in 1989 and is special because of its turning 180-degree view of Mediterranean.

You can live in this edgeless crazy house without buying, yes it’s possible. All you have to do is just pay $31000 and buy a day in the most luxurious piece of construction in the whole of France. $31000 Per day is rent for Bubble Palace.

2. Antilia

Top 9 Billionaire Homes You Will Be Amazed To Read About

Antilia is a Masterpiece of architecture named after an island in the Atlantic. It is owned by Asian’s well-known business tycoon Mukesh Ambani. It was built in 2006 by a popular US-based architectural organization called Perkins and Will Associates. It is structured at the Prime location of South Mumbai sitting in an area of 4532 square miles. It has 27 stories and is about 173 meters tall.

The more you get to know about this building the more you are impressed by its accommodations and its facilities. In the building, there are about 14 luxury bedrooms, a huge Temple, a ballroom and 50 seat theatre. It also has nine fast Elevators and three helipads on the roof. The building is so big that to run it smoothly a crew of 600 members work as staff in this building. Each floor is made from a different and unique kind of material which elevates the price of this building.

Another very famous attribute of antilia is it’s ice room. In this room, man-made snow is sprinkled to the people inside, the ultimate hack for the melting heat of India.

1. Buckingham Palace

Top 9 Billionaire Homes You Will Be Amazed To Read About

And finally, number one on our list and probably on every list you see on the internet is Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace is the world’s most expensive property owned by a family for this title has been held by the queen of England the house has a sprawling price of 4.9 billion Pounds which is located in Westminster London. The house, better to be pronounced as the palace, is usually used for political gatherings and meetings for stop Palace is holding an area of about 39 acres as the palace is spread on this much land it has 775 rooms including state Royals, 18 staff rooms and 78 luxury bathrooms.

The hall and the garden only are capable of 50,000 people sitting accommodation on dining tables this palace was built in 1703 by William windy and Thomas built. The Royal Family currently has no intention to sell this palace. And to be honest there are no potential buyers.

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