3 Best Housing Societies in Lahore

3 Best Housing Societies in Lahore

Lahore is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan, with a population consisting of people from all over the country. These people live in the second biggest urban city in Pakistan and are driven by their desire to live the most comfortable lives they possibly can. Inevitably, this means that they will want to live in the best housing societies in Lahore.

The best housing societies in Lahore would need to provide some basic amenities and assurances to everyone living there, such as the provision of an efficient water system, security for the residents, reliable electricity supplies, open roads, and parks to walk around in. For this reason, we have put together a shortlist of the best housing schemes in Lahore to assist you in the choosing process.

1. Bahria City, Lahore

Bahria City is one of the most prominent options amongst the best housing societies in Lahore, being well-renowned and offering its residents the best in terms of facilities and luxuries. It offers its residents homes of all sizes along with open roads and large parks, not to mention facilities such as shopping areas and mosques.

Some of their most desirable features are the safety offered by their boundary walls and guards, well-developed plots, parks, and recreational areas, cinemas, educational institutes, and zoos within the society. Furthermore, they have attractive structures for the sole purpose of aesthetic appeals, such as the mock Pyramids of Egypt, the Eifel Tower, or the Statue of Liberty. All of these combine to make Bahria City one of the best housing schemes in Lahore.

Bahria Town Lahore is located on the south-west of the city, on the Canal Bank Road. The Society is divided into sectors in alphabetical order, and each sector has its own value proposition for potential buyers. Some sectors are desirable due to their affordable housing facilities, others due to their luxurious housing, and then a third category is the sectors that are mainly known for commercial activity.

2. Icon Valley, Lahore

One of the newest and fastest-growing major housing societies, Icon Valley has quickly become one of the best housing schemes in Lahore, since being established in 2008. The primary aim of the company is to use its experience and innovation to revitalize the development and construction industry in the country, and to that end, they have worked to provide luxurious yet affordable property to the people. 

Working with their social responsibilities in view, Icon Valley is looking to help solve the country’s housing crisis by providing homes to those with a weaker economic status. These projects signify the values of integrity, transparency, and corporate social responsibility, which the company holds in high regard.

Icon Valley offers its potential customers luxury apartments, villas, and plots at a very good value for money, and they have the option of either buying these properties or renting them temporarily. The company’s projects are located all over the city, and its top priority is to provide a safe, convenient, and reliable living environment for its residents. 

Even though many of these projects are currently under construction, a large number of residents have already settled into their homes in society. Icon Valley’s values of transparency and innovation, along with its commitment to working for the betterment of Pakistan, make them one of the best housing societies in Lahore.

3. Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Lahore

Traditionally, DHA has been the first and foremost choice for anyone looking to buy property in Lahore for any purpose whatsoever, be it wanting to build your own home, or buying property as an investment. And even though the status quo has slowly but surely changed, DHA still remains one of the best housing societies in Lahore.

The biggest value propositions attached with the brand name Defence Housing Authority are luxury, convenience, safety, and reliability, and these are exactly the attributes that attract people to buy property in DHA. Since DHA attracts such a large audience who want to invest there, the housing authority has had to build up to 9 phases to cope with the increasing demand.

Much like Bahria City, DHA has succeeded in providing its residents every service they could possibly need within its borders, meaning that they don’t even have to leave the comforts of society to enjoy these services. A prime example of this is the provision of fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and KFC inside DHA Lahore. Pakistan’s most renowned educational institution, the Lahore School of Management Sciences, is also situated in phase 5. All of these factors, along with DHA’s close proximity to the city’s airport and ring road, make it one of the best housing societies in Lahore.


With the increasing advancement, everyone is looking for better living standards and a luxurious lifestyle, and precisely what the best housing societies in Lahore deliver. Even though buying a house in these societies can be a huge investment, the comfort, security, and facilities they offer are worth the money.

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