8 DIY Decorating Ideas For Apartments

8 DIY Decorating Ideas For Apartments

Whether you’ve just moved and are looking to stamp your own mark on a new apartment or are simply trying to make the most of time spent at home during the lockdown, there are tons of simple and innovative ways in which you can make the most of your space and give your apartment a fresh new look. Below we’ve compiled our favorites from the bunch, so why not give them a try and get creative this summer.

1. Breathe Life Into Your Apartment

8 DIY Decorating Ideas For Apartments

There are simpler ways to breathe life into your apartment than giving the walls a fresh lick of paint. Adding plants or floral arrangements to your living space can add a great variety of colors, especially in plain or light-colored rooms. By experimenting with unique and interesting vases and pots, you can also create cool and crazy design ideas that liven up any interior. What’s more, using plants to decorate your apartment can be relatively cost-effective and requires minimum effort even for those without experience. Even better, there are a number of health benefits that have plants in your apartment can bring, including reduced stress levels, higher productivity, and improved concentration.

2. Rethink Your Room Layout

8 DIY Decorating Ideas For Apartments2

Sometimes you’d be surprised how a little reorganization goes a long way. Most people go years without changing the layout of their rooms, simply because that’s the way it’s always been. Why not rearrange your living room furniture or perhaps think about repositioning that bookcase to welcome in some more natural light? After all, what do you have to lose? The best part of a simple room reshuffle is that it doesn’t cost a thing! You may be surprised once you move things around and quickly find that you start to view your living space from a whole new angle. You do not have to go overboard, however. Often it is the simple changes that give your apartment a fresh and novel feeling.

3. Create Art With Storage

8 DIY Decorating Ideas For Apartments

If you read any article or blog post about interior design, you will almost definitely hear about the power of storage. Utilising storage can be extremely useful for decluttering your living space and when done properly can give you back areas of your home that you didn’t know existed. But why stop there? Storage doesn’t have to be just a place to hide away junk or excessive possessions. Bring storage to the forefront with unique and interesting boxes, baskets and trunks. And why not add a bit of colour too? Even the most mundane items such as box files or washing baskets can now be bought in wild and wonderful colours. So go the extra mile with storage and start creating your own art.

4. Shelves Don’t Have To Be Just Practical

8 DIY Decorating Ideas For Apartments

When we think about adding shelving, we are usually doing so because of a need to house an overgrowing collection of books, CDs or other collectables. While shelves first and foremost are extremely practical, with a bit of thought and creativity, adding shelves to a room can also be a simple but fantastic way to add personality and character to your living space. Furthermore, nowadays, shelves come in all shapes, colours and sizes and can be as ‘normal’ or as wacky as you desire. Why not try stairway shelves, staggered shelves or even spiral shelves. Depending on what items you have to store, shelves don’t have to be just practical. They could even become the focal point of your room.

5. Upcycle

8 DIY Decorating Ideas For Apartments

There are cost-effective and fun ways to decorate almost any item of furniture in any room. Yes, we’re talking about upcycling! If you have old furniture you are thinking of throwing away, don’t. Save on waste and get stuck into a project which could give your furniture a new lease of life and save you precious pennies in the process. Upcycling doesn’t have to be just for the creative types though. A simple varnish or new coat of paint can sometimes be all you need to prolong the life of a beloved item and give it a fresh new look. If you’re upcycling for the first time, why not start out on a smaller piece of furniture before committing to more complex projects.

6. Accessorise with Colour

8 DIY Decorating Ideas For Apartments

If you are looking to decorate your apartment but don’t want to actually paint, there are lots of fun and creative ways you can add joy and colour to your home. Simple items such as lamps, paintings or even ornaments you’ve collected in years gone by can be used to brighten up even the darkest of living spaces. Even carpets and rugs can offer a simple but effective way of bringing colour to the forefront. But don’t just choose any colours, make sure you accessorise with colours which harmonise with the colour schemes of each room. Accessories should be used to complement, not become the main focus.

7. Mix and Match

8 DIY Decorating Ideas For Apartments

When looking for inspiration for home decoration and design ideas, there is often a worry that colours, furniture, and accessories must match in perfect harmony. You’d be surprised to know, however, that some of the best results come from experimenting with different items and arrangements. Have you bought or inherited an antique piece or furniture item that doesn’t quite match your existing arrangement? Why not try it anyway? You’d be amazed at how mixing and matching your furniture can create a unique and aesthetically pleasing living spaces, especially in kitchen and living room areas.

8. Create A Personal Gallery

8 DIY Decorating Ideas For Apartments

We all have photographs of friends and loved ones around our homes, but do we ever put much thought into how we arrange them? While individual photos still have their place on side tables and or windowsills, a great idea to liven up any wall space is to create your own personal gallery. Photo galleries are excellent ways to liven up dull, empty areas and create personal and thought-provoking spaces. Furthermore, there are hundreds of frames of all shapes and sizes which you can have fun experimenting with.

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