Real Estate Business In Pakistan

A Guide To Real Estate Business In Pakistan

The real estate business has a significant impact on the economic growth of the country. According to the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), the real estate sector of Pakistan is playing a significant part in the country’s economic development. The estimated size of this industry is about  $300 to $400 billion. 

In such a vast market, a substantial number of companies are operating. Besides, it is a profitable business to start and generating considerable income. 

In this writing, we’ll focus on two big concerns of the majority who want to hit the mark in this industry.

First, if you are looking for the most trustworthy developers in the country for a secure investment, check out our top 5 real estate giant companies working in Pakistan. It’ll help you to find the correct one to start your passive income. Also, you can get motivation from these companies.

Second, If you want to learn deeply about this sector and desire to start your own business, this is for you. In this writing, we’ve mentioned a complete guide on starting a real estate business in Pakistan.

So let’s start on both topics!

Real Estate Companies In Pakistan

Buying, selling, or investing in a property needs a lot of research to find a transparent and trustworthy agency.

The property dealing sector of the country consists of multiple agencies that provide solutions and assistance to their potential clients. From the vast list of such providers, it isn’t easy to choose the most reliable one. 

If you are wondering which one to select for the right investment and the leading groups, read on! We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 real estate trustworthy giant companies working in Pakistan that will assist you in getting your answers.

  1. Sigma Properties & Mkt
  3. Graana
  4. Star Marketing
  5. ilaan

1. Sigma Properties & Mkt

Sigma Properties & Mkt has the heart of the real estate business in Pakistan due to its responsible services. They are serving thousands of clients and investors in making the right and smart investments with great returns.

They have changed the traditional way of dealing, and their customer care program for their client’s convenience is a pure reflection of it. Unlike most comparative companies, they focus on 100% satisfactory results instead of only generating revenue.

Park View City Islamabad, Blue World City, Royal Orchard, Smart City Lahore, Capital Smart City, and Taj Residencies are their most successfully done and profitable projects.

2. was founded in 2006 and provided a significant boost to the real estate industry of Pakistan. In the last five to six years, this digital portal has arisen as a leading brand. It is not wrong to mention that Zameen is a top digital property portal operating in the country. 

The diversified company covers the major topics of the industry and provides solutions to real estate problems. These include selling and buying homes, commercial plots, finding rental properties, property dealers, and construction projects. It gives detailed information about required stuff like location, features, and prices, etc.

The forum section facilitates the new and non-specialist with their investment guides. The website also features a Blog and News section that covers important and current topics of commerce.

3. Graana

Graana is the subsidiary company of Imarat Group of Companies and is a leading online marketplace in the real estate enterprise. The site helps people in selling, buying, discovering rental properties, and making secure investments.

The company aims to deliver quality information and solutions to all property matters for hassle-free dealing. Besides, they have done many construction projects, including Amazon Mall, Imarat Builders Mall, Mall of Arabia, Florence Galleria, Amazon Hotel, and Golf Floras. 

4. Star Marketing

Star Marketing group is a dominant name in the industry. It delivers beneficial and leading strategies to real estate developers and enables them to make valuable and secure finance. 

Plus, the group has a crown of successful completion of numerous residential and commercial projects in various cities. These include Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Peshawar, Sialkot, Hyderabad, Larkana, Mardan, Gwadar, Gujranwala, and other important cities of Pakistan.

5. ilaan

If you are familiar with the property dealing business, you may hear the name This website portal is extensively employed to search out homes and different properties online.

It gives its best assistance in big cities, including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Bahawalpur. The portal offers satisfactory solutions and desirable results regarding buying, selling, and renting properties. The site is reliable and straightforward to use for all kinds of customers.

How To Start A Real Estate Business In Pakistan?

In this vast industry where with following correct procedure anyone can generate significant figures of money. Therefore, we are going to reveal the secret steps that will give you the surety of success ( if you’ll follow them correctly).

You don’t need to be distrusted about your capability; these are 4 simple steps with some tips that anyone can follow. However, success in real estate demands patience. So, be patient, and let’s start uncovering the ingredients of this secret sauce. Here’ the only four points you should note to build a winning real estate business.

  1. Market Research
  2. Set Your Strategy And Services
  3. Organize Your Budget
  4. Market Your Business

1. Market Research

If you miss this core step, you’ll lose the whole game. Interestingly, most people omitted this one and started their new businesses only with the general information, and it is the reason behind most of the failures. 

If you are willing to walk into the real estate industry in Pakistan, pen down this point on the top of your notes. In order to initiate your business, extensive market research is essential. 

It mainly includes finding out the potential competitors, understanding the leading trends, services, packages, and operational areas. For doing this, firstly list up your competitor companies, search and note down their respective services.  You can conveniently browse on the Internet to collect the required information.

2. Set Your Strategy And Services

After this comparative analysis, you’ll have the extensive knowledge to build a strategy and design your services accordingly. It will enable you to detect their flaws and help in offering better values, rates, and conveniences to lead as a newbie.

It is vital to spend a considerable amount of your quality time to develop a holistic strategy before investing your hard-earned money. There are some points you shouldn’t miss to create a fool-proof business plan. 

  • Exit Plan

Don’t skip to add a vent in your plan, as most of the fresh entrepreneurs do. According to experts, it is essential to add an exit strategy to secure your investment in any unfortunate situation.

  • Learn About The Region 

Next is to gain knowledge about the area you are going to set up your business. This helps in further refining your idea and increase the chances of achievements. Usually, it comes as a plus point to serve your clients more effectively than your competitor companies.

  • Compare Your Charges

We have noted this point separately to give you some crucial details. In the first step, you have researched the rates of your industry; now it’s time for you to set yours. 

In the beginning, as you’ll have a totally new name for customers, they would expect lower rates and higher services than others. It is the time when you can set your own market and a successful career. Here, try to initiate at lower rates but provide superior services and even some extra advantages.

3. Organize Your Budget

If you dream of getting immediate success, keep in mind that you need to give your business some financial support to achieve your desired heights. It is essential to set a budget and keep a close eye on all figures to calculate your prosperity. As an entrepreneur, it is vital to check on your cash flow, spendings, and expenses. Your earnings must be enough to bear up your business and personal expenditures for a successful start.

It is best to organize a sheet and enter your company expenses, wants, and profit from the first day of your business. At the start, your income should be enough to cover all your costs and generate some extra revenue to get savings for rainy days.

4. Market Your Business  

Finally, after establishing your business, it’s time to market it. It is an essential part as it facilitates you getting a higher rank in your niche. Branding is a necessary component to enable people to recognize and memorize your name. 

If you wish to raise yourself as a great name, it is crucial to create credibility, no matter whether you are working on a big or small scale. The way to do this is to represent your motive and services in front of people.

Utilize more powerful mediums like social media, online portals, and traditional advertisements for marketing purposes. However, don’t forget that your services should be a correct reflection of your words.

If you want your clients to become your regular customers, never compromise on your services. The delivery and maintenance of superior services give you a surety to become a top choice of your niche. 

Real Estate Business In Pakistan: Important Tips

Build Relationships: It is valuable to build good connections in the market. You can ask others to share their experiences with you. It can help you in understanding the mistakes beginners most likely make, and you can avoid these. Moreover, good relations increase the likelihood of your rapid name spread.

Don’t Be Pushy In Sales: Being a newbie, we know it becomes your priority to grab every deal. This thinking causes your behavior to become pushy and can annoy your client. It is not essential to make tricky sales; instead, try to assist your customers in every possible way. It will be a plus point for you in creating a good reputation in the market.

Finally, now you’ve all the secret guidelines necessary to erect a stable and prosperous real estate business. If you follow all the steps correctly, your chances of getting success will become high. Similarly, you can use the knowledge in your comparative research.

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