Beautiful Marble Floor, Tiles & Border Designs in Pakistan

Beautiful Marble Floor, Tiles & Border Designs in Pakistan

Constructing a home demands a range of material that fits to offer modern era residence that is welcoming, as well as elegant. The choice of material, however, depends on personal preference along with the finance of the homeowner or construction agency. Flooring for an aesthetic look is one of the most important parts of the construction of a house, exactly why, like all other countries, Marble flooring is used in Pakistan. There are many Marble Designs available in the market, with prices varying on basis of their unique characteristics and attributes.

Here we will list down different Marble floor designs, discuss the pros and cons of marble flooring in Pakistan, and then help you decide which type is the best for your needs.

Marble Floor Designs In Pakistan

Renovating or refurbishing your house can be a daunting task as there are several options to choose from in different price tags. The top options are as follow:

  • Ziarat White
  • Tavera
  • Badal Grey
  • Grey Emperador
  • Michael Angelo 
  • Verona
  • Botticino Fancy

Let’s discuss the features of each marble floor design available in Pakistan, along with their price.

Ziarat White

Beautiful Marble Floor, Tiles & Border Designs in Pakistan

Ziarat White, also commonly known as Super White Marble, is considered one of the premium qualities of marble flooring in Pakistan. The marble floor design is named after the origin from it is extracted from, Ziarat. The marble is locally extracted in Pakistan, however, the marble is very fine and expensive.

The color of this marble can slightly vary from being pure white to slight streaks of grey or even random black patterns.


Also well-known as Tavera Beige Marble is a fairly inexpensive marble. The marble is durable and elegant and is highly recommended for flooring, staircase, and even countertops.

The marble has a beige color, which gives a perfect graceful look to your house interior. The marble can be bought at 58 rupees per square foot on average online, as well as in the market.

Badal Grey

Beautiful Marble Floor, Tiles & Border Designs in Pakistan

Badal Grey is one of the most commonly used marble in Pakistan. The marble is locally extracted in Pakistan and can be bought at a very reasonable rate. This is the reason why it is the #1 choice in low-cost projects in Pakistan.

This marble design in Pakistan comes in different shades with a combination of grey, white and black colors. Badal Grey can be purchased at 46 rupees per square foot from the local Pakistani market.

Grey Emperador

Beautiful Marble Floor, Tiles & Border Designs in Pakistan

Emperador, also popular as Oceanic Grey is a mid-range marble that is an ideal choice for both luxuries and economical houses. Besides flooring, the marble design can be used as a mosaic on walls and stones on waterfalls. The marble is widely available at 46 PKR per square foot in the local market.

Michael Angelo

Beautiful Marble Floor, Tiles & Border Designs in Pakistan

For anyone looking for a fine touch to their floor, this extravagant-looking marble is a classic choice. Also known as Black and Gold Marble, the marble is preferred due to its unique look. The streak of black, gold, white, and grey combines to give an extraordinary pattern.

Although offices and houses have this marble design in Pakistan, it is expensive and can be bought at 98 rupees per square feet.


Mostly known as China Verona in the local market, the marble is imported from China and extensively available in the stores. There is crystal embedded in the marble, which is also an indicator of its quality. The lesser the number of crystals signifies the higher quality. The color is usually beige with red veins running through it.

The marble is a high investment with per square feet available at 127 rupees on average.

Botticino Fancy

Beautiful Marble Floor, Tiles & Border Designs in Pakistan

As the name suggests, this fancy marble can be easily installed on your floor since it is widely available. The beige color gives an elegant touch to the house interior with a variety of different shades available as per your likings.

The marble falls in a mid-range category investment as the price is around 75 rupees per square foot on average.

Marble Border Design

When building a house, every minute detail needs to be perfect. Along with durability, we also desire details that can improve the aesthetics of our house’s interior. Exactly why meticulous planning is needed when finalizing flooring. The marble border design is one of the key elements that can enhance your room’s outlook.

You can use marble border designs in your TV lounges, drawing room, bedrooms, and even in your kitchen. There are thousands of designs available, you can choose from and match your interior look.

Beautiful Marble Floor, Tiles & Border Designs in Pakistan

Pros of Marble Flooring

Are you considering to floor your home with marble tiles design? If it is a “Yes”, then you should take a look at what are the advantages of buying and using marble tiles.

To start with, marble tiles design gives an elegant look to your interior and enhance the overall appeal of your house. Besides that, there are several unique options to choose from with a large price range. Not only you can find different designs in low to high price tags, but you can also select shades of the same marble design.

Moreover, the material is completely natural and allows light to penetrate through it, giving a glow. The material provides durability and is scratch-free, so you don’t have to worry about the heavy load which might make a dent. One of the biggest reasons why marble flooring is preferred by the majority is due to its easy cleaning and allergy-free. Cleaning marble is easy since it resists moisture and you don’t have to worry about spills or dust collecting on the surface. Exactly why it is one of the top material choices for many people.

Lastly, the marble flooring increases your house value. It provides an exceptional look and can guarantee money back when you are to sell the house. People prefer marble flooring whether they are constructing a house or buying an old one.

Cons of Marble Flooring

However, like everything, marble flooring has its share of drawbacks one should consider before investing in it. Here is what you might have to deal with if you planning to finalize flooring with marble:

Marble is a porous material that can be stained if an acidic substance falls on it. There is a high possibility of water seeping through the pores, which can result in discoloration and can cause damage. Preventing this requires a penetrating sealer, which is needed regularly. This requires high maintenance along with the limitation of what products to use for cleaning.

Moreover, despite being relatively durable, there is a high chance of the marble tiles design to crack or chip. Marbles are heavy, which adds a challenge for installation. Professionals are needed to install marble tiles design keeping structure issues in consideration.

Lastly, marble has a slippery surface, especially when it’s wet. This increases the chances of falls and injury and is not an ideal choice for a bathroom or even a kitchen. If you do fall, you may have a higher risk of serious injury such as broken bones. However, there is a solution to this. You can opt for Honed marble which can minimize the slipping hazard.


Using a marble design for flooring can be an excellent choice if your budget allows it. Not only are there several designs available in the market, but then you can select a design based on your budget too. This provides a variety of options for customers to choose from. However, one should always weigh the pros and cons before making a profound decision.

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