15 Best Places To Visit In Lahore

15 Unmissable Places To Visit In Lahore

Lahore is a very spectacular place everyone should visit at least once. It is the most popular city among tourists who visit Pakistan.

Every day in Lahore is a uniquely different day for people who visit it. Something new always keeps people entertained and involved in Lahore.

What to expect from Lahore?

If you are planning to visit Lahore, a huge amount of vibrant culture and ultimate historic heritage is what Lahore provides its guests.

The people are very friendly, open and kind-hearted and love entertainment greatly. The food of Lahore is extremely delicious, ferociously spicy, and diverse in Taste. If you are a fan of street food, Lahore is the place for you.

Moreover, Lahore is densely populated so you can expect a lot of people everywhere you go in Lahore. Because of the population, traffic is also a big drawback you might be facing in Lahore. Though there is a separate metro bus service, an enormous amount of people use that daily as well.

Is Lahore safe for tourists?

Lahore is not a crime-free State but there are no fatal crimes reported in Lahore in the past years. And the experience of thousands of tourists visiting annually is satisfactory. So it is alright to say that Lahore is safe for tourists.

Best Places To Visit in Lahore

Lahore is filled with numerous historical, cultural, and glorious natural sites Several wonderful shrines of religious people are also present in Lahore. It would take you more than a week to visit half of the sites in Lahore.

Here’s a list of places in Lahore that you should not miss if you visit Lahore.

1. Shalimar Garden

Shalimar garden is a historical and gorgeous place to visit in Lahore. It is a garden built on an area of 42 acres with 2 large gates.

It is also included in the list of world intangible cultural and heritage lists by UNESCO.

The 380-year-old garden shows the extraordinary beauty of the architecture of the Mughal Era. Fountains and lakes in the center provide calm to the soul. 

In 1642, when it was made, the design was made with such precision and was a structural masterpiece that the fountains would work without any external energy.

Shalimar garden is one of the most liked places by tourists and always contains a huge amount of people.

2. Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal or the palace of mirrors is another splendid historic place. The Palace of the Mughal Era was constructed by the Mughal emperor who constructed the  Taj Mahal in India.

The palace has shiny flooring done with beautiful stones and has a wide-open area in the middle. It has several rooms which contain distinctive sketches on the walls of the  Mughal emperor. The interior walls and rooms have Amazing decorations done by Mirrors which keep the inside bright and shining without any electronic light.

You are likely to find relatively fewer people here. The ticket for entrance in this palace is PKR 100 per person and the timings of opening and closure are from 9 AM to 5 PM.

3. Begum Shahi Mosque

The Begum Shahi Mosque is a very old and historic mosque of the Mughal times present in the Walled City of Lahore. It was constructed on the order of Mughal emperor Jahangir in 1614.

Inside the mosque,there are several graves and a huge lake. The site is not perfectly maintained and even after carelessly handling the beautiful Mughal patterns are still as attractive as the day they were built.

It is a sight to be visited by you so that you can observe the Mughal Culture portrayed by these historic Constructions.

4. Walled City Of Lahore

The walled city of Lahore or the old Lahore is a large segment of Lahore bounded with walls on four sides. It is one of the oldest and most magnificent monuments in Lahore. It has 13 enormous gates for entry and the most famous gate is the Dehli gate.

The walled city contains many tourist sites inside of it but each gate is a site to visit itself.

It was built in 1000 CE and passed countless empires and eras to reach the present day.

Some gates like the Dehli gate are spots of masses.  People pass through these gates almost every time of the day. So heavy crowds should be expected before visiting.

5. Bagh e Jinnah

Baghe Jinnah is a humongous and gorgeous garden in Lahore that tourists love to visit.

The garden is home to different types of unique trees as it was built as an actual botanical garden. It’s spread around an area of 115 acres, therefore impossible to visit completely in one go

But areas like open theatre and Mughal garden are worth visiting if you come to Bagh e Jinnah. If you are into historic books, then you should visit 2 libraries in this Garden as well.

This garden was built in 1862 by John Lawrence. He was a viceroy of United India. Before partition this garden was called “Lawrence Garden” but now it is commonly called Baghe Jinnah.

6. Anarkali Bazar

Anarkali Bazar is an important palace in Lahore to visit. It represents the busy yet lively life the kind people of Lahore live daily.

It is a place you can come to connect with the locals.

You can find top-notch traditional food or Shop like any other Lahori.

Its name Anarkali Bazar is because of a very famous personality and character named Anarkali is buried in a Fort nearby the market.

Because of being a marketplace and business spot.  Thousands of people keep rolling from the very morning to midnight.

7. Lahore Fort

Lahore fort is another Mughal-built Fort that takes the visitors on a journey to the royal Past of Lahore.

This Landmark is perfectly maintained by the organisation and all the beauties and history has been preserved. Green calming Garden and beautiful paintings inscribed on the Wall are the main reasons you should visit this site.

It was built around 300 years ago Under the great Mughal leader Shah Jahan.

This place is equally loved by the foreigners as well as the locals, therefore, you are likely to encounter a big amount of people especially on the weekends.

8. Lahore Zoo

You must Visit Lahore Zoo if you are in Lahore.  It is a fun place to spend your time and it’s not any ordinary zoo.

Lahore Zoo is about a century old and is the oldest zoo in the whole country. Hundreds of unique animals from all parts of the world are available for observation in the Lahore Zoo.

It is sitting on a large area of 25 acres,  visiting it completely would be a time-consuming thing, and the zoo is open from  9 Am to 6 Pm.  So make Your plans accordingly.

Lahore Zoo is also packed with loads of people during the weekend so try to visit it on weekdays.

9. Madho Lal Hussain Shrine

Madho Lal Hussain Shrine is a famous shrine in Lahore named after the great Punjabi Sufi poet Shah Hussain.

The Shrine has a pleasant design and people visit here because of the beauty and dignity this place has to offer.

Locals come to this shrine and celebrate the love and cherish the glory of the story behind this shrine every Thursday night and especially on the Charagah Mela (Fair of lights), the scene is precious and every eye is lucky which captures it.

People pay tribute by dancing in a very traditional manner and other gestures every year.

10. Wazir Khan Mosque

Another architectural masterpiece and a very popular tourist site are the Wazir Khan Mosque.

Calligraphy and geometrical designs give a mosque what it’s known for. The mosque is calm and provides spiritual satisfaction. Four huge minars can be seen far away in the city.

The mosque is usually visited by foreigners and remains empty. Mostly except for Prayer 5 times a day.

This mosque was built by Wazir Khan in the Mughal Era. He spent all his life savings to make this mosque and created a historic site for people forever.

11. Badshahi Mosque

The most famous mosque in Lahore is after all the biggest mosque in the whole city, the Badshahi mosque.

It is situated in front of Lahore fort and about 2 km away from Minar e Pakistan. Its red colour because of the sandstone and huge white domes can distinctively be observed in the city.  

The mosque is Massively huge, built on an area of 321488 sq ft and possesses the capacity to accommodate 1 lac people at a time.

Visiting on weekends should be avoided because of the extremely large number of people.

The. The mosque is closed at night after the last prayer of the day and opens the next day at 8 AM. Visiting before dark and at night both provide a unique experience.

12. Data Durbar

You can’t leave Lahore without visiting the greatest shrine in the whole subcontinent. Data Durbar is the symbol of dignity in Lahore.

Data Durbar is the shrine of Ali Hujwiri. It is an extremely large and fascinating shrine. Pretty marble work done inside and out.

It is a sight to observe the admirers coming from different parts of the country and. Desperate to visit the shrine.

A day at the shrine won’t be enough to absorb all the beauty of that place. And the nights of shrines are a whole other reason to visit them.

Data Durbar on Thursday and weekend is not suitable to visit. There won’t be space for you to step if more people are visiting.

13. Wagah Border

Wagah Border is the border that connects Pakistan to its neighbor country India.

What makes the border worth visiting is that every day a crazy unique ceremony of closing off the border takes place on both sides of the border around 4 pm. Although the ceremony shows aggression at some points, it’s still amazingly entertaining to see such a thing.

People from both sides come to see and cheer their team in this act. It is a fine experience and you should visit it.

14. Minar E Pakistan

Minar E Pakistan is a monument to commemorate the achievement of Muslims of India in the pursuit of a separate homeland in 1940. This monument is the symbol of the identity of Lahore.

It is the most important historical place in Lahore. It is built in Allama Iqbal park in the Walled City of Lahore. It has a height of 230 ft. It is dazzlingly designed and inspired by the hibiscus flower.

Up until a few years ago, people were allowed to go up on the top through an elevator, but now it is prohibited due to some suicide attempts. It is a graceful place to visit in Lahore.

These are the things to do in Lahore. Along with historical places in Lahore, many Amusement parks and Swimming pools are also present for enjoyment. You can take a break and visit them if you are being overwhelmed by the history and culture of Lahore.

Where to live in Lahore?

Lahore is a city with numerous hotels of all kinds. You can book them through Google before even visiting.

A night in an average hotel in Lahore can cost around PKR 3500-5500 depending upon season and locations.

Hope your experience of this lovely place is lovely As Well.

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