Everything You Need To Know About Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Everything You Need To Know About Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is a project initiated and led by the current Government of Pakistan, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf. The main objective behind this housing scheme is to eradicate homelessness and poverty. With this scheme, there will be housing facilities available for those who live a tough life and feel threatened that they might end up on the streets or in poorly built huts.

With this scheme, another beneficial factor is for the jobless youth that is suffering in this competitive market. They will get the opportunity to work with a proper salary, which in return will accelerate the Pakistani economy.

The objective behind Naya Housing Scheme:

When PTI came into governance, they instantly acknowledged how more affordable housing sectors have been ignored by the previous governments. It was all talk and no action for the longest time, but the current Government decided to do more than just hold a meeting regarding affordable housing.

According to statistics, Pakistan faces a housing backlog of 12 million housing units. The people who face the most housing backlog are the ones with a lower income have no option but to live in slum areas, which are mostly illegally acquired. If this keeps on continuing, soon there will be many people on the road with no place to call home. Especially since the Chief Justice of Pakistan has started the encroachment operation, people are unwillingly forced to leave their houses due to the land that they are built on. The middle and upper-middle-class are the target of the housing developer industry, with more housing segments being introduced for people with comfortable salaries and almost no housing segments being introduced for the lower-class, It is predicted that this drawback will cause an urban housing shortage of about 4 million by 2050.

To prevent this future crisis, the Government has finally taken a step towards affordable housing for all those who need it. Today, we will inform you about everything you need to know about the Naya Housing Scheme.  

Let’s begin with how you can sign up for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme! The steps to sign up are below:

  • The first step is to download the Naya housing scheme form from php.nadra.gov.pk.
  • Fill in the necessary areas in the form.
  • You will need to pay a mere fee of Rs. 250 to Nadra.
  • If you pay the fee to Nadra, then apply for the scheme through nadra
  • If you want to apply online, then you can submit via the online system.  Just visit php.nadra.gov.pk.
  • You will need to give further relevant information regarding online fee payment. The payment is done through credit and debit cards.

With this process done, you have completed the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme registration.

Who is eligible to apply for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme?

  • Only one person per family can apply for the Naya Pakistan housing scheme, that too after submission of the Rs. 250 fee along with the form.
  • It doesn’t matter who applies. It can be the husband or the wife, both are eligible to apply for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.
  • This scheme targets the lower class, so people with a monthly income of less than Rs. 30,000 are the priority for the Government.
  • If you do not own any land in any province of Pakistan, you will automatically be on the preference list.

The Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is mainly for the labor class, lower middle class, and middle class. They can get their house in the NPHP scheme by making a down payment of at least 10% to 25%. This rule applies to all the classes mentioned above. Registrations for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme phase-1 are now over. However, the Government has launched the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme phase-2, for which you can still register!

The Updates on Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme:

The Prime Minister of Pakistan ordered the removal of sales tax and fixed tax from the construction work that is taking place in the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in various cities. He directly got in touch with the FBR and asked them to remove the taxes. The government is focusing on improving the housing situation of the Country, and the PM has requested all the provincial officials to give him a report of all the unused lands. So, he can use that land for low-cost affordable housing.

Pakistan is a country with a lot happening all the time, the economy is tight, and the market is saturated. Hence, many are suffering from an increase in unemployment, especially in this pandemic. During times like these, the citizens of a country look to their Government for help, and Pakistan’s main problem remains affordable housing. With taxes and the cost of goods on the rise, it is difficult for a large population to make ends meet, and this may cause them homelessness, without the government’s co-operation.

A memorandum of understanding has been signed for the implementation of loans that are interest-free, for the convenience of people applying and hoping to secure a house in the Naya Housing Pakistan Scheme. The PM was quite happy with this decision, and the Government decided to give a Rs 0.5 loan to those who own 3 marla plots so that they can construct without any hurdles.

Furthermore, the Government has decided to hold a lucky draw with the names of all the applicants. This gives a fair chance to everyone hoping to be a part of this scheme. There is a countrywide registration going on that is being hosted by Pakistan Housing and Development Authority. Their main objective is to collect the data and proceed with the plan per the public demands.


The Government hopes to get this project complete by the year 2021 to eradicate poverty, boost their economy, and help unemployed people get jobs. The Prime Minister has high hopes for this project and is deeply invested in the production of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Registrations for phase 2 are also about to close! If you have not registered yet, visit your nearest Nadra office or register through the online forum launched by the Prime Minister.

To register online visit php.nadra.gov.pk.

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