Everything You Need To Know About Real Estate in Pakistan

Everything You Need To Know About Real Estate in Pakistan

Pakistan’s real estate market draws the attention of millions of individuals across the world. The stable, timely, and healthy returns on investment make this industry one of Pakistan’s most lucrative markets. Real estate is commercial property composed of land and improvements, including houses, fixtures, highways, structures, and networks of facilities. Property rights grant a title of possession to land, infrastructure, and natural resources such as rocks, trees, livestock, water, etc.

The real-estate state of Pakistan contributes significantly to its economic development. According to the World Bank report, between 60 and 70 percent of a country’s overall income is the value of a country’s real estate assets; if these figures are extended to Pakistan, the real estate market will have an approximate size of $300 to $400 billion.

Types of Real Estate

There are a variety of real estate forms, each with a specific function and utility. Here are the major categories:

  1. Commercial Land
  2. Industrial Land
  3. Residential
  4. Land

1. Commercial Real Estate

Commercial property refers to land and structures that companies use to conduct their activities. Shopping malls, individual retailers, apartment complexes, parking lots, medical centers, and hotels are examples.

2. Industrial Real Estate

Industrial real estate refers to property and buildings for operations such as factories, mechanical processing, research and development, renovation, shipping, logistics, and warehousing used by industrial companies.

3. Residential Real Estate

Residential realty state comprises Houses for single persons, groups, and families. This is the most predominant property category and is the wealth class that most individuals are familiar with. There are single-family dwellings, rentals, condominiums, townhouses, and other housing structures within the suburban neighborhood.

4. Land

For all forms of real property, the land is the foundation. Typically, land refers to undeveloped farmland and barren land. Developers buy land and mix it (called assembly) with other grounds and redevelop it to raise the scale and maximize the property’s value.

Real Estate Business in Pakistan

After 2017, there has been a real estate downturn due to global turmoil and economic and financial policy uncertainties. Lack of incentives for developers, the imposition of a ban on non-filers to purchase a property worth more than 5 million unless they register with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the levying of high taxes on property transfers stopped investors from placing their capital in the sector in 2018-19.

But the market is flourishing now since it has shown upward growth in 2020. According to recent figures, Pakistanis spend about $5.2B on building and real estate every single year.

For all the right reasons, Real estate is one of Pakistan’s most profitable business ideas. Real estate has many advantages, unlike other investment and business prospects in Pakistan.

How to Start a Real Estate Business in Pakistan?

With property trading and development, people have become millionaires quickly, but above all, it is the land value that has increased. Price has also yielded decent returns compared to the raw product, but it is the real price of land that appears to gain higher income. In real estate, making money is available to anyone and does not require a specific range of skills.

Even Mr. Donald Trump, the billionaire American President, is a real estate investor. And even more so in Pakistan, we look at Mr. Malik Riaz the same way. In real estate, there are means of making money.

Here are presented different ways of doing real estate business in Pakistan.

1. Look for Cheaper Plots

A common rule of thumb is to be on the lookout for a less costly plot than the market. There are many prospects in the current business situation in Pakistan that are particularly important to DHA Lahore.

Be mindful of adding the transition costs and taxes in the sales price when opting for those purchases at a higher cost to ensure that the plot stays at a better price in the existing market even though it has been converted to your name. These people hardly give you a grace period on Biyana, as they need money immediately. Do not consider twice if there’s such a chance to make money fast.

2. Grab the Opportunity when Renowned Project is Launched

When a well-known urban developer starts a new project at a fair or reasonable venue, such a chance is advisable to catch at first as it makes itself accessible. There is always abnormal appreciation whenever DHA announces a new phase. Buy only when the bulk of files stalled, not when there is just a small number of files, and more are likely to arrive.

Buy at the beginning or buy when the bulk is available on the market of a particular file or plot if initially there are a few, but you expect more to come. People who had initially purchased DHA Gujranwala, DHA Multan, or Bahawalpur won fair income in their first make.

3. Look sharply for Market Fluctuations

if you understand property, you realize the asset’s actual price, whether it is plot, file, open field, or construction. If the price falls below the current price value, it is time to buy because the selloff will come into play sooner or later, and you can make some instant money.

An example may be that Plot A can be valued at 20 million in a market, hitting a peak of 25 million (this is the time to sell) as the demand went up and fell to 16 million due to macro and microeconomic conditions or policy shift (this is the time to buy).

4. Value Addition

Value addition, which implies purchasing an open piece of land and turning it into either a city or a house if the ground is small. It is the most lucrative, along with a larger purchase.

Buy a piece of land that is readily available, create the initial facilities. A public map is essential for town buildings with 60 percent residential and 20 percent industrial products and 10 percent devoted to common areas and parks. This will be done out of the 70% of the property left after the layout of the facilities.

Real Estate Websites in Pakistan

The Internet brings in forums that provide people dealing with real estate with reliability and ease. Now, while sitting at home and without investing a single penny, you can meet any real estate agent through real estate websites. Moreover, you can also visit the project site remotely through Geospatial Technology.

Different websites for real estate or, in other words, property portals are in service in Pakistan. Some major real estate portals in Pakistan are listed below.

Top Real Estate Companies in Pakistan

Pakistan’s real estate market comprises several real estate companies that provide prospective investors with solutions. You began to worry about which real estate to go for? Among buyers who are new to the property sales and buying market, this is the most common issue.

It is not only a matter of financial circulation to buy or sell, but it is about getting in and out of a whole new location, including emotional considerations, budgeting, etc., that are to a considerable extent intangible but efficient. All you need to look for is a ‘transparent and trustworthy’ real estate agent to direct you, be it residential, industrial, or commercial property for sale in Pakistan.

The top real estate companies in Pakistan are.

  • Bahria Town
  • Zem Builders
  • Defence Housing Authority
  • Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd
  • Capital Development Authority
  • Icon Valley
  • Zameen
  • Chohan Estate
  • ilaan
  • Sirmaya
  • Jagah Online
  • Square Nine International
  • Ahmad Properties
  • Graana
  • Star Marketing (Real Estate Marketing Firm)

Future of Real Estate Business in Pakistan

There are many ups and downs in Pakistan’s real estate market, just like any corporation. Our economic stability is unclear, which is why most industries are struggling, including real estate. According to the latest report of the real estate industry, Pakistan’s property prices are much higher, impacting the overall economy.

In Pakistan, the future of real estate is auspicious. Local and foreign investors are also showing their interest in Pakistan’s property market. Other residential and commercial developments are being built across the nation that provides everyone with golden investment opportunities. These properties are legal, and all of them offer repayment plans for borrowers’ convenience as well.


This world is now a global community, and the IT industry is thriving as never before. The old search for conventional estate agents has shifted, and online systems have taken up their position. Icon Valley is your solution for all problems, whether you are trying to purchase, sell or rent a Pakistan property. It has an online website where several listings with full and correct details and media are shared every day without any booking charge.

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